What's New?

  • Michigan Historic Preservation Network : Archaeology and Revitalization in Detroit

  • The COMA meeting will be on Saturday March 24th, 2018 at the Michigan History Center, but we will be starting the general meeting at 11am, not at 10am as in past years.  

    As we prepare for the COMA Meeting:

    • please send any nominations for membership or fellowship to myself and Jackie (, including a CV.  Additionally, if you wish to be placed on Inactive status due to your interest in COMA but inability to regularly attend meetings (per the by-laws), please let us know.

    • please send any nominations for the Butterfield Award, to Bill Lovis at

    Dean Anderson and Laura Ashlee have graciously offered to host the COMAToast following the meeting.  

    For questions about membership and fellowship eligibility please see the bylaws:

    Agenda items can be sent to the secretary.

    Nominations for new members or fellows can be sent to the secretaryPlease include the CV and name of the nominee along with a short paragraph of endorsement.  If you are a member (non-voting) and would like to be considered for fellow status (voting) please e-mail the secretary as well.

    Nominations for the Ira Butterfield Award can be sent to Bill Lovis and John O’Shea:

    Nominations for Outreach and Education Awards can be sent to Stacy Tchorzynski

    If you are interested and willing to host the COMA Toast following the meeting, please let Jackie know.


    Dr. Megan M. McCullen
    Secretary - Conference on Michigan Archaeology